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Led by renowned criminal defense attorney Windi Akins Pastorini, The Pastorini Law Firm has successfully defended individuals charged with major drug conspiracies & drug possessions in federal & state courts nationwide. The firm has also successfully defended individuals & corporations in federal & state courts charged with white collar financial fraud crimes, healthcare fraud & enviromental crimes from grand jury investigations through trial.  During her career, Windi Akins Pastorini has secured high-profile acquittals in a number of complex cases, a partial list of those cases can be found on our verdicts page.  In recognition of these accomplishments Windi Akins Pastorini was voted 2012 Lawyer of the Year by both the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association and the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, and the firm has received many accolades & awards over the years.


The Pastorini Law Firm prides itself in rendering personal service to our clients, offering thorough and accessible representation.  The firm operates under the belief that trials are a team effort, and the team is the firm, and the representation of the client is their number one priority.  It is of utmost importance to the firm that we get involved in our cases as early as possible in the investigation because if the client is vigorously and appropriately represented during the investigative stage the charges against the client can be avoided entirely or, at the very least, minimized.


The Pastorini Law Firm gets results.  We have a full-time private investigator and our staff is fluent in Spanish and Vietnamese.  We are readily accessible to our clients.


Attorney Profiles.

Windi Akins PastoriniWindi-headshot.jpg

Windi Akins Pastorini, the  senior partner at The Pastorini Law Firm, is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, and has been a trial lawyer for over 30 years. She began her legal career as a prosecutor in the Harris County District Attorney’s office, however for the last 25 years she has been the Champion of the wrongfully accused; and she is relentless in defense of her clients.  Visit our Verdicts page to review her exceptional record of not guilty verdicts and dismissals. She has a protective nature that bodes well for her clients, and is a strong defender of their rights. Her vast experience includes an extensive history of victories defending those charged with drug offenses and she is one of a select group of lawyers who are certified to represent  defendants in death penalty cases. Although the principal office of the firm is in Houston, she practices in state and federal courts nationwide.


Son-Tran-sm_05  Christina Hoang

Christina has been Windi's legal assistant and Intern for many years and is a recently graduate of South Texas College of Law.  The Pastorini Law Firm has a long history of mentoring and supporting many of the brightest in our legal community and believe Christina to be a rising star.

Son TranSon-Tran-sm_05  (Associate)

A past intern, associate and legal partner of Wind's, Son Tran recently spread his wings and opened his own firm on the west side of town.  Son continues to work numerous cases with the Pastorini Law Firm.  He is a graduate of South Texas College of Law.

James BrooksJames-Brooks-sm_05 (Deceased)

On and off, for thirty years Windi Pastorini and James M. Brooks partnered their practices together.  James practiced criminal law in Houston and surrounding cities and counties.  He knew the ins and outs of the criminal law system  in this area like few others.


                   "WE MISS YOU JAMIE"




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United States District Court- Eastern District of Texas
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